Love for tattooing was not common years ago, but this is still alive in this age. People decorate their different parts of the body to express something or show something other, or they may just like to have a tattoo on their skin. You can say that tattoos were considered the best way of expressing personal purity, wish, hope, art. Tattoos were used to beautify the body and look of the person who is having a tattoo on his/her body. Years ago people use to apply different patterns and designs on their body just to be different from others. now days tattoo parlours are just about everywhere across the world.

In early ages, tattoos were not a part of any trend. Before this age, people use to hide their tattoos form others like parents and teachers because tattooing was not very common. Upper-class groups of society sometimes used tattoos to show their class. But now the time has changed many things including tattoos. According to a research 40% Americans have tattoos, and they don’t need to hide them from anyone because there is nothing bad in it.

When times have changed people stared considering tattoos good and beautiful. Tattooing is common in people of 20 to 40 years. Tattoos are considered very useful sometimes when anyone wants to show his/her love to something or their culture. You can say that we are following or ancestors in tattooing but modern tattoos are little different from old ones. Tattoos are popular around the world; in different parts of the world, tattoos are different with unique and meaningful ways. Tattoos can express values and norms for society, in some culture tattoos are considered religious symbol or social acceptance of something.

What are cultural tattoos?

Some cultures are more expressive than others, Some are more meaningful than other cultural tattoos. For example, In some tribal designs, tattoos show the tribe people belong to. Traditional tattoos are used for everyone including children. And Japanese tattoos are famous because they show persons criminal record or history of his/her life. These tattoos are showing life story of a person. Japanese tattoos can be used in Horimono style which is full body tattoo.

People choose a tattoo by culture

When anyone chooses a tattoo of the specific culture they research about the meaning of tattoos thoroughly. People think that it is useless if you are having a wrong tattoo on your body, You don’t know the meaning of tattoo that you have on your body part. People choose tattoos according to their own culture or ancestry views. But sometimes people only have a tattoo to beautify any part of the body or some specific thing relating to them of their family or loved ones.  People say that you can have any kind of tattoo on your body if that tattoo is related to you or you know the meanings of that tattoo.

You will feel amazing after knowing how people of different parts of the world interpret tattoos, which tattoos are famous in which country. Let’s talk about some interesting facts about tattooing and ways of tattooing.

Tattoos by Buddhist culture

Mostly Mandala tattoos are appreciated in Buddhist culture because Buddhist people think that these tattoos are beautiful and they express eternal things and returning nature of our universe. These tattoos are not the same for everyone in the Buddhist culture; different people have unique tattoos for them according to the same culture in tattooing.

Traditional Buddhist Tattoo Art

These tattoos are called Sak Yant in the Thai language. The reason behind this name is that these tattoos include patterns and designs are unique in nature according to the religious patterns. Sak Yant tattoos are famous amount Buddist worshipers. Sak Yant was different from Buddhism, you are totally wrong if you think that San Yant is part of Buddhism. It is different and spread in many areas of Asia with a mixture of different local values, traditions, norms, and virtues.

Tattoos by Japanese culture

Around two hundred years ago an act was established with a rule that criminals will have tattoos for their crime, so they will not get acceptance of society because of their crime. This was known as bokkei. When the act came into being, Japanese members of mafia started a protest against bokkei by getting the full tattooed body. This culture was known as Yakuza culture. The yakuza culture was very helpful in making people more aware of tattooing.

Japanese tattoo by Brian Kaneko

Tattoos in China

Just like Japanese culture Chinese also have some affiliation with criminal tattoos. Chinese were very serious about crime issues so they used this way of tattooing the criminal body so they can never be accepted by the society with respect. Besides from criminal tattoos over 1.3 million people of China are having tattoos on their body because they are following fashions and trends.

Chinese Sleeve


Tattoos in United States

The people of United States are very attracted to tattooing. People get tattoos to enjoy their achievements and show their life bravery. People use to get tattooed for any event, They get tattooed on their chests, arms, and legs. The United States is very serious and keen towards tattooing they use needles and nibs to get clean and simple tattoos on their body.

Tattoos in India

Indians have a very clear history about tattooing, People of different tribes of India used tattooing to keep their young girls safe from other tribes because they thought a tattoo will make young girls beauty fade and she will not look attractive to men of other tribes. Time has changed but Indians are still keen on tattoos, many young girl and boys have tattoos on their body parts, like face, neck, arms, and legs. They considered it very useful for increasing their beauty.


Tattoos in Africa

After listening to the word you will obviously think about Africans because they have a very old history in tattooing their bodies. After a long passage of time, Africans are still attentive for tattoos. People of Africa used blades to curve their bodies in the early age of tattooing. But there is a process Cicatrization that is similar to blade cuts, this process is very common in Africans. They get tattooed to show their social presence and social status.


Tattoos in New Zealand

They have a very strong history of tattoos, people of New Zealand started getting tattoos as a religious ritual at the start but now people use to get tattoos to show their right meanings to others.


No matter where you are living and what is your country, Tattoos are very popular among young people.

Tattoo culture around the world

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