Where is the best graffiti in Melbourne?
Fitzroy has the best graffiti namely Fitzroy street and Johnston street, observed residential painting Sydney. You can’t really blame yourself if you spend a few hours just staring at all the graffiti art in there as that would make you proud of what you have accomplished. When you come across the best graffiti, there is no doubt you will bump another tourist taking loads of pictures so you may as well do the same.

Where can I see graffiti in Melbourne?
Caledonian Laine is a place that is pretty small so you may have a hard time looking for it. The truth is it is just between Lonsdale Street and Little Bourke. Despite it being just 4 meters long, there is a lot of nice graffiti there so don’t forget to bring your camera so that you can take a lot of pictures there.

Where is street art in Melbourne?
Hosier Lane is the street that has a lot of nice graffiti art. It contains a mix of artworks made by famous artists all over the world and local ones. Either way, you will certainly appreciate what is going on there. If you are a tourist, you will come across street art when you join a walking tour. It is one of those things that you need to post on social media and people will know that you are in Melbourne.

What is the difference between graffiti and street art?
Street art is picture based while graffiti art is word-based. The former usually got permission from the right people while the latter could be done by just about anybody who could care less about their actions. Street art is done to send a message to the powerful people of the world. The one similarity between both of them is that art enthusiasts will love staring at them for a pretty long time since they are beautiful.

Is there a Banksy in Melbourne?
Today, there are no more Banskies since the largest remaining group of Banskies were destroyed several years ago. It is such a shame that happened but it had to happen somewhere down the line. There are some people who are still crying justice about it but there is really nothing you can do abut it except to accept it. Besides, it happened a long time ago so you can just focus on the future.

Melbourne Graffiti Art

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